Landscape Maintenance

Landscape Maintenance

Weekly property maintenance is one of our specialties. We want you to be able to enjoy your property without having to lift a finger. Trust us to do all the work for you. Whether it's just a spring or fall cleanup, a little pruning, bed maintenance or our full weekly mowing service, you can customize a package to fit your needs.

Maintenance Programs - Customize a lawn maintenance program to fit your needs. We service all our lawns with state-of-the-art equipment. Our mowers are serviced on a regular basis to ensure the safest and highest quality of cut possible. We can also take care of your flowerbeds too - ensuring your property looks it's very best.

Spring & Fall Clean Ups
 - Let's face it, leaves can be a pain to clean up. Let us do it for you. Whether you just need your lawn spruced up for the spring or your leaves cleaned up for the fall, we've got you covered.

Bed Maintenance - Tired of pulling those pesky weeds? Or using countless gallons of weed killer that does not work? Add "Bed Maintenance" to your weekly program and let us take care of those weeds for you. Our commercial-grade weed killer is the best in the industry.

Trimming & Pruning - Some trees and shrubs can be hazardous if they are not kept properly trimmed. Not to mention how ugly and uninviting an overgrown landscape can make your property look. Our pruning and trimming services keep your property safe and looking its best at all times.

Grub Control - Grubs can be a major pest to your lawn. A grub is a larvae derived from a beetle. If you have grubs you attract other pests like skunks that tear up your lawn. Our grub protector can eliminate these problems and bring your lawn back to a safe, healthy, pest-free lawn again.

Tree & Shrub Care - Like your lawn, trees and shrubs need fertilizer to stay healthy and pest-free. Remember your landscape is your investment. Keeping your trees and shrubs healthy is just as important as your lawn.

Lawn Care Services

Nothing is better than a lush, green, weed-free lawn. Your lawn is a good investment. The grass can be greener on your side. Our proven 6-Step Program will keep your lawn looking its best.

Fertilization is an essential lawn care practice. When done properly it has a major positive impact on lawn appearance. Having a nice lawn provides a soft gentle place for your family to relax and enjoy.

It only takes a few simple steps to help your lawn perform at its best. Below is a list of the 6 steps that will be applied approximately 6 weeks apart in order to reach your expectations. It’s time to take back your yard!

Step 1: February - April - “Crabgrass Preventer” Brings lawn out of dormancy, stimulates a green color and helps prevent crabgrass all season. Selective spot spray weed control is applied.

Step 2: April - June - “Weed and Feed” Fertilizer and weed killer are applied. This will kill dandelions and other major lawn weeds. It will also build strong and deep roots.

Step 3: June - August - “Weed and Feed, Insect Control” This step will feed and strengthen against heat and drought. Along with strengthening it will kill and protect against pesky lawn insects.

Step 4: June - August - “Weed and Feed” Also strengthens against heat and drought. Broad leaf weed killer is applied.

Step 5: August – October - “Weed and Feed” Feeding promotes top growth and keeps lawn healthy for the remainder of the season while killing broad leaf weeds.

Step 6: October – November - “Winterizer” Heavy feeding prepares lawn for dormancy. Helps protect from disease through the harsh winter weather. Also strengthens lawn for next season.